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Wait for Me: Review

A few years ago I heard a lot of good things about An Na and I saw that there was a book of hers available so I quickly snatched it up. This took is multiple POV. I actually enjoyed this book and felt for the characters!

So this book had a more complex idea surrounding the character Mina. It seems like everything is perfect and she’s the perfect student and daughter but actually she has been lying to her mother for the last few years about her grades and accomplishments. It’s great because I think all of us at one point in time wished they had a computer program that would allow us to change a grade on a report card so that our parents wouldn’t be disappointed in us. 

Her little sister Suna is also precious. She has a hearing problem and is only self conscious about her hearing aids. It’s great because she’s so young and we can all identify with having that one thing that you feel like makes you a freak in other peoples eyes. Not to mention she has her first crush on an older boy.

Ysrael is my favorite of them all. He doesn’t have a POV in the book but I almost wish there was a sequel for him alone. He is great because he shows Mina and Suna how to live in a different way. They no longer have to feel pressured to be perfect and through him Mina finds the courage to stand up to her mother. 

I did wish that the wait for me was explained earlier and that we would have gotten a little more from after Ysrael leaves for college. I also wished he had said something earlier because it seemed to come out from left field.

All over I give it a 3/5 because there was just something missing. I think if there was a little less whining and a little more of something else it would have been much better. This was a really quick read. I think this was also a two hour or under book. It’s well worth a read if you like multiple POV.